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Advertising is vital to any business, and research shows that radio is by far the best medium to choose.

Radio is affordable, vital for any business in any industry.  Radio is in the home, in the car, in the workplace.

  • Media research shows that radio reaches 95% of Australians. 
  • Commercial radio is by far the most popular, reaching 78% of Australians throughout the week.  Every household has at least one radio, with the average being three. Commercial radio listeners tune in for an average of 19 hours 37 minutes a week to their favourite stations.
  • 73.9% of all people over 10 listen to radio at home.
  • 73.4% of all people over 10 listen to commercial radio in their car - and over 99% of all cars have a radio. Most people turn their car radio on with the key, not the on / off button.
  • 77.7% of all people over 10 regularly listen to commercial radio at work.  It’s amazing the number of businesses who play commercial radio in the background or have it on their “on hold”.
  • Locally, the 2TM listening area comprises about 59,935 people, 86% of which are over the age of 10.

(Statistics from McNair Anderson Surveys and Commercial Radio Australia)

Coverage Area: Southern and Western New England region of northern NSW. Tamworth is at the intersection of the New England and Oxley Highways. 2TM is the only AM commercial station in the area.
Major Towns: Main centres include Werris Creek, Quirindi and Manilla.
Population: 59,935 (Census 2001)
Target Audience: Ages 35+
Format: News, talk, sport and information. Rural programs, news reports and stock information. Adult contemporary music.
Local Industries: Agriculture – wheat, oats and cereal crops. Also sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry.
Tourism: Tamworth is internationally renowned for its Country Music Festival in January each year.

Radio is very much a local medium.  It is very affordable, and therefore is able to offer frequency of message at a price that will fit your advertising budget.

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