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About Us: Presenter Commercial Agreements & Local Content Compliance


If you wish to make a complaint about anything broadcast on 92.9 you must make that complaint in writing (download complaint form). You can write to the General Manager at the address above at the bottom of this page. Click here to email

Announcer Agreements

The broadcasting standards require the disclosure of agreements between on-air presenters and any third parties. No staff employed by 2TM have any such agreements

Local Content

2TM complies with the Australian Communications and Media Authority Broadcasting Service Act (Material of Local Significance - Notice)

Some programs on 2TM are relayed from the 2SM Supernetwork group of stations, these can include 2SM, 2HD and Radio 97, a register of any agreements these presenters may have can be viewed by visiting the 2SM, 2HD or the Radio 97 websites.

The John Laws Show may have commercial agreements, these can be found by visiting the 2SM website.

2TM provides at least three hours of Local Content, Monday to Saturday.

  • Mal McCall Breakfast (locally produced and hosted), weekdays, 06:00-09:00
  • Graham Archer - Talk Today (locally produced and hosted), weekdays, 12:00-15:00
  • Wayne Kramer (locally produced and hosted), weekdays, 15:00-18:00
  • Classified Corner, Sport Show, Home Show and Our Country (locally produced and hosted), Saturdays, 06:00-12:00

For further information, please download our Local Content Statement

If you would like a written explanation of how we achieve this, please call into our office at Radio Centre, Goonoo Goonoo Road, South Tamworth

Or you can write to :
General Manager
PO Box 497, Tamworth NSW 2340, Australia

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